Friday, July 21, 2006

Tick Tock Toluca


Here is a photo of the inside of Tick Tock Toluca, which was managed by my mother and my uncles - George and Stan. My uncles worked in the kitchen in either the mornings supervising the preparation of the food and the other one would work in the afternoons supervising the distribution of the food to the waitress as she picked up her orders from the kitchen. The restaurant was opened just after the Second World War. The location was chosen mainly because it was close to my mother's house and she could easily go home between lunch and dinner to be there when we returned from school. Both of my uncles had worked in the Hollywood restaurant before the opening of the Toluca restaurant.


Notice that there are no antique lamps in this picture of the Toluca restaurant. These lamps came much later. Here is how it happened. My mother loved to go to antique stores to hunt for antiques. One day she found some beautiful oil lamps that were a great buy. After buying them she tried to hide then in the attic and put them up later. The only problem was that my father found them first. He so liked them that he placed them in the Hollywood restaurant. So my mother lost her beautiful lamps, but this did not stop her. In fact it encouraged both of them to by a lot of antique lamps to decorated both of their restaurants. So Tick Tock became known for its lamps as well as its clocks.


My mother told me this funny story. It seemed that there was one waitress accidentally spilt a cup of soup right into the lap of her customer. I am sure that the soup was very hot. So the waitress felt the need to get the hot soup off the customer's clothes as quick as possible. So she took out her side towel and started to wipe off the soup which was right in customers lap. But he protested and said it was "OK!" as he moved his chair further and further away from her. The she realized what she was doing and she turned red as a beet and ran into the kitchen. I don't that either of them ever overcame their embarrassment over this situation.

One reason that my parents opened this restaurant is that their house was only three to four blocks from this restaurant. They had six children and so they both felt that it was important for my mother to be home as much as possible. Being so close to home my Mother could come home in the afternoons after lunch. Then she would return to the restaurant when dinner was being served.


My uncles felt that it was time for them both to retire and leave the restaurant. So it was decided to sell the restaurant. The problem was that the new owner could not keep the restaurant going. One hostess told us that the new owner would be so happy when anyone left. Finally he had very few employees and the customer service suffered. This caused the restaurant to close and this meant the end to Tick Tock Toluca


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