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Customers at Tick Tock


my parents had printed as a way to promote the business. Notice that it has a picture of the front of the Hollywood Restaurant placed in the top center of the clock and The Tick in Toluca Lake below the face of the clock. All the while the time just kept ticking away. Looking about at my life I can say that time really has ticked away. Just to imagine that Tick Tock has been closed almost 20 years is quite something.

Here is a customer who is waiting for the rest of her party to join her. She was the wife of a local minister.


Since Tick Tock was located in Hollywood, many celebrities would came to this restaurant over the years. In her book that the famous actress Betty Davis wrote, she told of her friendship with Carol Kane, another actress. She said “the two got dressed to kill and dined a Tick Tock, an old-time Hollywood eatery.”

Most of the “Hollywood type” people, who came to Tick Tock were character actors. Only a few were well known stars. I remember the famous silent movie star, Francis X Bushman. He and his wife became Tick Tock regulars. Other regulars were the orchestra leader, Lawrence Welk, character actors Charles Aidman and Clu Gugler, Colonel Tom Parker, who was Elvis Presley’s manager. Even western stars Roy Rogers and Dale Evans came to Tick Tock. Others included Mr. Blackwell, the famous critic.


Blogger Pip said...

I just found an article in an old issue of Cook's Country that spoke of the Tick Tock and the Orange Sticky Rolls. I Googled Tick Tock and found your Blog. Wonderful!!! Our family frequented the Toluca Lake Tick Tock every Sunday from the early 1950's through the 70's. I remember charming Mrs. Johnson chatting with our family. We always requested the corner booth that sat up to 8 people. The Gooey Rolls were the highlight of a completely delicious dinner, and the clocks and antique chandeliers were a dazzeling experience for a young child. Warm life-long memories come from our family dinners at the Tick Tock. Nothing will ever match it! Thanks for sharing all these details.

10:30 AM  
Blogger Southern Gent said...

I googled "Tick Tock Restaurant cinnamon rolls recipe" and stumbled upon your blog. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the history of Tick Tock! Growing up in L.A. in the later 1940s and early 1950s, our family's favorite restaurant for special occasions was Tick Tock in Hollywood. We even made special trips to Tick Tock when we visited L.A. after moving away. Last time I was there was in the early 1980s when our two year-old was not having a good day, was fussing and throwing food on the floor. I'm sure all the bald-headed men and blue-haired women would have appreciated our leaving, but I just had to have one more delicious turkey dinner with the incredible cinnamon rolls and the little cup or orange sherbet they served. Do you know of anywhere I can find the recipe for the cinnamon rolls?

1:13 PM  
Blogger Pip said...

The Cook's Country article featured the Orange Stickey Rolls, which do not fit in my memories, but here is the link to that article:
I googled around and found this recipe that MIGHT give a similar result for the Gooey Cinammon rolls that we remember and loved:

I think we should all do some research and find the best cinnamon roll recipe and publish it! Good Luck. Pip

9:17 AM  
Blogger Karen said...

I just found an entry in my grandmother's journal from 1937, saying she went to a wedding shower at the Tick Tock Tea Room in Hollywood. Thanks so much for archiving this all for the public to see. It was great to see pictures of it!

2:55 PM  
Blogger Robin Northrup said...

The Lord must be really pleased to see you following the passion He gave you for serving Him!

I grew up eating at the Tick Tock every Sunday after church with my family. When I got married my husband and I continued the tradition with our own children until sadly the doors closed in 1988. I have played around with the "gooey" cinnamon roll recipe and come pretty close, i must say :-) I serve them every Easter and Christmas and for special family occasions always to sweet memories from all at the table of good times as we eat our "Tick Tock Cinnamon Rolls"!
I posted it on my blog and to rave reviews :-)

I am hoping to get the recipe, or at least the ingredient list, for the Thousand Island Dressing used on the shrimp cocktail appetizer. Thousand Island recipes are easy to come by, but this one was so special I would love to have it. I seem to remember little bits of finely diced celery in the dressing and I have even found some of the little glass cups similar to the ones it was served in. I would love to surprise my husband and brothers on Fathers' Day and serve it to them as a treat!

Any help you can give me will be really appreciated....thanks Buzz!

Robin Eccles Northrup

3:49 PM  
Blogger Jenna Reynolds said...

Hello Buzz,
I am a producer for Food Network's "Giada at Home". Could you please contact me about the Tick Tock room for our show.
Jenna Reynolds -

1:17 PM  
Blogger Loveretirement said...

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6:03 PM  
Blogger Loveretirement said...

I remember a place called Tick Tock Diner in Minneapolis Minnesota and it was on Lake Street this would have been like 1964 and they had the best Banana Cream Pie and was not made in a pie shape but was like made in a jelly roll pan because it was square when it was served loaded with whip cream on top and the bananas were never brown like they were half frozen..i have since been trying to find the recipe to no avail so thought i would see if anyone has any information on it.

6:05 PM  
Blogger Piper T said...

I don't believe there is any connection with the Los Angeles Tick Tock restauant, owned by the Johnson family (2 locations: Toluca Lake and Hollywood (on Gower, just above Hollywood Blvd)). Anyone else have a comment?

12:01 AM  
Blogger dm said...

My father passed away in 2012 and I'm just now reading though a journal he created for an English class at Pasadena Junior College. I found this entry from Saturday, April 13, 1946:

I don't know when I've had a more enjoyable evening during this year. At seven o'clock my mother, father and I met with a group of relatives in front of the Tick-Tock Tea Room in Hollywood to celebrate my aunt's birthday with a nice dinner. As soon as we were assembled, we went into the tea room and sat down at a long table which had been reserved for the occasion. There were seventeen of us anxiously awaiting the chicken dinner. We hadn't long to wait, for soon the waitresses came with plates laden with chicken, potatoes, and peas. I thought that my aunt felt extremely happy about the whole thing...

9:49 AM  
Blogger Mike Mann said...

i was staying at the Franklyn hotel on Frankly near Vine close by and asked the reception for a nice restaurant close by they recommended the Tick Tock this must have been around the late 80's not quite sure,anyhow i arrived around 7.0pm and was greeted at the door by an elderly lady who showed me to a table as i waited for the menu she came back with some very nice buns with some syrup in a bowl,i did note all the clocks around the wall and though this is very nice and unusual whilst i was eating she joined me at my table and we had a pleasant conversation also i remember she said go back to your hotel via the back way as it's safer than the main road,i had a most enjoyable time there at tick Toch and have never forgot it.i'm from the uk and we don't have anything similar to compare it too.

2:04 AM  

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